Personal Data Protection Policy. Issued April, 2018
County Equine Ltd

County Equine Ltd has established the following personal data protection policy with the regard to the handling and use of personal data.

1) Treatment of Personal Data
County Equine Ltd recognises the importance of personal data protection and deals with all the personal data in an appropriate manner.

2) Security Measures
County Equine Ltd maintains appropriate systems to ensure strict management of personal data protection and takes reasonable security measures to prevent occurrences of any data protection breaches or misuse of data (such as unauthorised access, loss, destruction, falsification or leakage). In the unlikely event of such a breach or misuse County Equine Ltd will promptly take appropriate remedial measures.

3) Continuous Improvement
County Equine Ltd is committed to the establishment, implementation and maintenance of suitable management systems for personal data protection and will continuously improve these systems. This continuous improvement will include regular reviews of our management systems to ensure they remain compliant.

4) Compliance with laws and regulations
County Equine Ltd aims to comply with applicable laws and regulations, relevant guidelines and established standards, and other codes related to personal data protection when handling personal data.